The OBA-1 anesthesia machine fits into my practice perfectly. It is compact, elegant, simple, and extremely user friendly. Having been in anesthesia since 1980, the OBA-1 reminds me of the anesthesia machines from my training years like the simple and straightforward Ohio machines, safe to use and so easy to troubleshoot. The most modern anesthesia machines of today may be well suited for a complex and varied O.R. practice but because of their complexity and multiple functions, I find it difficult to navigate one the first time I use it. Even basic safety features are masked in plethora of advanced functions.

The OBA-1 machine is by far best suited for a mobile dental office based practice like mine. I can set it up quickly and easily check the integrity of the machine and circuit. It is so simple and user friendly that I can be quite efficient and also focused directly on the patient (rather than on the machine) from the moment of induction throughout the duration of the case.  

Thank you Chuck Smith and Cardinal Medical Specialties for all of your hard work and effort in perfecting this wonderful piece of anesthesia equipment.  



Terri Homer, M.D.