By 1974 Chuck started his own business selling disposable canisters for anesthesia machines. Over the course of many years he saw the need to simplify and improve the Absorber unit and was busy developing his ThermH2OSorb™ disposable canister that reduced leaks, changing time, weight and ease of use.

During an ASA conference in 1998 the inspiration for developing a portable anesthesia machine came after a simple comment by Dr. Mark Koch, "Not a single manufacturer has been able to bring a machine to the commercial market that embodies the need of an itinerant office based anesthesiologist." That's all it took. With the design of the disposable absorber unit already well under way, Chuck knew

that developing a truly portable machine was his next step. With a sense of urgency, he moved toward the invention of the OBA-1®. A machine that was not only easily transported within a hospital, but also due to its size and drastically reduced weight, ease of use and setup, it was now available for any doctor's office. By designing the machine to run without electricity, Chuck created a solution for anesthesia needs anywhere- the most prestigious hospital to the remote jungle clinics.

Each machine is hand built by Chuck and shipped direct anywhere in the world from the Louisville, Kentucky headquarters.

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